Who we work for

OBS Techniek works for large reputable companies in the:

  • Buffer machines
  • Sorting machines
  • Sorting buffers
  • Shuttle systems

OBS Techniek works for a customer who specializes in the development and assembly of high volume sorting systems for various applications, such as order processing, returns, counting and sorting by size, color, type of products, e-commerce and cross-docking. For a number of other customers who also build machines for the automated storage of products in, for example, the biscuits, meat and mail processing industry, we install machines such as buffer machines, sorting machines, sorting buffers, shuttle systems, high-rise warehouses, warehouse cranes, pallet cranes, AGV vehicles, robots , cobots, distributors, and other logistics solutions.

  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain tracks
  • Slat jobs
  • Spiral towers

For various suppliers in the roller conveyor and transport technology, we install various applications on location for various applications. In most logistics companies, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors and spiral towers are often the basis or the beginning of logistical automation. In an increasingly important market within the logistical handling of various products and markets, delivery reliability and delivery speed of logistics automation is an advantage. OBSTechniek understands this like no other and has taken various steps to offer the support that we want for our customers.

  • Flue gas discharge shipping
  • Flue gas discharge data centers
  • Flue gas discharge production companies

OBSTechniek has years of experience in the dismantling and assembly of flue gas outlets and air ducts. OBSTechniek has the experience with dismantling and assembling the flue gas outlets in luxury yacht building, bakeries, hospitals and data centers. Improvising on site is often a must here, because the drawings that are made cannot always be realized according to the situation on site. Fortunately we are the proud owner of tools and machinery to respond to this easily and very quickly in order to ultimately provide the end customer with the result he has asked for.

  • Wheel table systems
  • Workspace automation
  • Robotics
  • Cultivate vertically

OBS Techniek has been active in automation in horticulture for 20 years. Horticultural businesses are becoming larger and more and more fully automated. You have to think of systems to rotate and position breeding tables by means of retrieval tracks, push conveyors, hanging stackers and shuttle systems for in the greenhouse. The workspace of a nursery where the plants are photographed, singled, widened or collected to be packaged and sent to the customer. Here we have to think of transport technology, driven roller conveyors, on and off robots, washers, feather collectors, buffer tables, sorting machines, tuckers, canes and work positions. We are seeing more and more industrial Robots from the automotive industry entering the horticultural automation. OBS Techniek can install projects like these completely mechanically and electrically with the knowledge and expertise that has been built up in recent years.

  • Weighbridges
  • Industrial scales
  • Bunker weights
  • Belt scales

OBS Techniek installs new industrial weighing systems and performs maintenance and service on existing systems that have been operational at the customer for years. Weighing systems in the industry are very diverse, such as for example Weighbridges, industrial scales, bunker weighers and belt weighers. With the service buses from OBS Techniek we are fully equipped and we can steer every installation, maintenance or service visit in the right direction and help the customer on his way.

  • Filter units
  • Water technical installations
  • Pipework

OBS Techniek has the basis of water and the process industry in horticulture, for which it is a necessity for every grower to arrange this properly. OBS Techniek installs the Units in the workspaces where the water is cleaned, disinfected and diluted with the necessary nutrients and substrates. In the nurseries themselves, we take care of the piping up to the drippers or nebulisers so that the crop receives the correct nutrition and water. OBS Techniek is increasingly seeing work expanding towards infrastructure, water boards, drinking water companies and governments.

  • Cooling installations
  • Freezing installations
  • Ripening rooms

OBS Techniek has many years of experience in installing various cooling systems in cold stores, cold stores and ripening rooms. The common products such as copper, stainless steel, and steel piping are the standards in this. OBS Techniek also has a number of specialists for welding PP and PE plastic pipes that are increasingly being used for the transport of liquids for refrigeration technology. With our expertise in piping, we increasingly serve other industries with the possibilities of OBS Techniek. You can find us more and more in the infrastructure industry, maritime and utility.