Installation & Assembly

Installation & Assembly

Installation & Assembly

Installation & Assembly

Installation & Assembly

OBS Techniek

OBS Techniek supplies technical professionals for the professional installation of technical installations in industrial automation and more!

Our large team of motivated and specialized technicians makes it possible to put together the right team for every project. OBS Techniek takes care of the assembly, mechanical and electrical installation in various industries.

OBS Techniek always offers a solution for every project.

OBS Techniek is used to delivering Turn-Key projects for its customers worldwide. From Assembly to I / O testing. OBS Techniek offers a solution for every project.

Assembly: OBS Techniek has technicians for Assembly in the factory where the machines or components are assembled. When assembly and mounting is only possible on location, our assembly technicians can of course go to location.

Mechanical Installation: OBS Techniek now has 21 years of experience in installing mechanical installations worldwide for various industries. Getting a number of sea containers with machine parts and a package of installation drawings is often enough for our engineers to deliver a high-quality project.

Electrical installation: OBS Techniek has over 15 years of experience in cabling machines and electrical cabinets. Many customers see the added value of outsourcing assembly, mechanical and electrical installation at OBS Techniek, because the planning and control of the work fit in well and seamlessly merge.

In addition to our specialized permanent employees, we work with a large team of freelancers. This gives us access to an even larger network of specialists and this gives us the opportunity to meet all your needs.

OBS Techniek and its experience in various industries


Logistics automation

OBS Techniek likes to work for system integrators who deliver complete automation projects to their customers. A scope of work includes high-bay warehouses, sorting machines, item pickers, case pickers, spiral conveyors, shuttle buffers and production buffers.


Bicycle storage systems

An innovation of bicycle dock that develops automated bicycle sheds in collaboration with OWMachinebouw. A smart storage system for bicycles that can partly solve the problem. OBS Techniek takes care of project management, installation and service and maintenance.


Industrial weighing systems

Weighing systems are indispensable in the transport world and production companies of, among other things, animal feeds. OBS Techniek installs and maintains various types such as weighbridges, bunker weighers and trailer tipping systems.


Conductor systems & festoon systems

Busbar systems for moving vehicles or machines. OBS Techniek has made this a specialism. The applications are, for example, overhead cranes, the theater industry, intralogistics, car parking systems and container transhipment


Transport technique

Transport technology is a very broad concept, but OBS Techniek is talking here about industrial applications such as roller conveyors, pallet conveyors, buffer conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors, butterfly conveyors, mat conveyors, bulk transport.


Water and process automation

OBS Techniek does a lot in the assembly for these systems,
but the installation is also no longer new. Unit construction on the
factory itself and construction of the piping in
the field.


Flue gas outlets

OBS Techniek specializes in installing flue gas outlets in the offshore, super yacht construction, production companies and data centers.


Climate and cold technology

OBS Techniek installs cold cell walls, PVC piping and cooling units for various refrigeration companies.


Robot projects

A special feature of our sister company OWMachinebouw are the delta robots for the food industry. OBS Techniek arranges the project management, installation and service and maintenance of these systems. Delta robots, AGV vehicles, Industrial robots, Linear robots.


Special machines

OBS Techniek is regularly involved in the installation of special machines. Some examples of this are automation coffins, insulator press, cloth washer, cloth wrapper, soil screening machines and
water purification pipelines.


Horticultural technology

Horticulture is a real Dutch industry that OBS Techniek likes to work with. OBS Techniek has over 20 years of experience and installs for various big names. A selection of the various technologies are shuttle systems, bucket cranes, hanging stackers, bin washers, table systems, robots, cup systems and camera systems.


Maintenance and service projects

OBS Techniek has a 24-hour service, which means that they can be called up for breakdowns. Maintenance generally takes place during the day, but a night shift is no longer an exception. OBS Techniek works for building maintenance, maintenance production factories, logistics, maintenance distribution centers, maintenance road and hydraulic engineering.